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Scholarships for Disabled Veterans

Disabled Veterans

Military benefits work to ensure that service men and women are able to receive a college education at either a low cost or for nothing at all. Disabled veterans scholarships are just a few of the resources out there for military men and women.

Disabled veterans scholarships are typically awarded through school and local or regional organizations. These organizations include the American Legion, which awards the American Legion Post 22 Scholarship at University of South Carolina among others, and the VFW, which distributes the VFW Huntington Beach Memorial, #11548 Scholarship at Golden West College. Qualifying veterans may also find these scholarships at the schools they wish to attend.

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Largest Scholarships for Disabled Veterans

Name Amount Deadline
BP America - SVA STEM Scholarship $10000 June 01, 2015
Ohio War Orphan Scholarship $4650 July 01, 2015
AMVETS/University of Phoenix Scholarship $4000 August 31, 2015
AMVETS National Scholarship Program for Entering College Freshmen $4000 April 30, 2015
AMVETS National Scholarship Program for Veterans $4000 April 30, 2015
Pioneer Services Scholarship - Park University $4000 Varies
ThanksUSA Scholarship $3000 May 15, 2015
Veterans United Foundation Scholarship $2000 April 30, 2015
Women in the Trades Scholarship $1500 September 30, 2015
Thomas B. Finan Memorial, American Legion Post #13 Scholarship $1100 May 31, 2015