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Scholarships for Gay or Lesbian Students

Gay or Lesbian Students

Gay/Lesbian scholarships aren't just available to students based on their sexual orientation or identity. Rather, they are also open to students who demonstrate active involvement in promoting equal rights and acceptance of the gay and lesbian communities.

Gay/lesbian scholarships are distributed through schools, like the LGBT Scholarship at Hofstra University, and small organizations, such as the Bread and Roses Community which awards the Lax Scholarship Fund for Gay Men.

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Largest Scholarships for Gay or Lesbian Students

Name Amount Deadline
Box Engineering Diversity Scholarship $20,000 October 23, 2015
Roy Scrivner Memorial Research Grant $15,000 November 01, 2015
Wayne F. Placek Grant $15,000 March 01, 2016
eQuality Scholarship for High School Seniors $12,000 February 08, 2016
eQuality Scholarship for Transfer Students $6,000 February 08, 2016
eQuality Scholarship for Medical Students $6,000 February 08, 2016
Donald W. Banner Diversity Scholarship $5,000 January 11, 2016
IES Merit-Based David Porter Diversity Scholarship $5,000 October 24, 2015
Carol A. Siperstein Memorial Endowed Scholarship $1,540 November 06, 2015
Queer Scholars Program Scholarship $1,000 February 14, 2016