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Scholarships for College Seniors

College Seniors

It's never too late to win a scholarship, even during your senior year of college. And while it may be the last year of college, there is still a surplus of college senior scholarships available.

These college senior scholarships can be found through your local and regional organizations as well as at your school, like the Alice McArver Ratchford Scholarship at University of North Carolina and the Wills Weer Averill Scholarship at Saint Louis University.

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Largest Scholarships for College Seniors

Name Amount Deadline
Woody Scholarship $38,500 Varies
Army ROTC Scholarship - Otterbein College $31,424 Varies
SMART Scholarship 100% of tuition December 01, 2015
Max Christianson Division of Nursing Scholarship $25,000 Varies
Max Christianson Division of Business and Computer Science Scholarship $25,000 Varies
Excellence in Equine/Agricultural Involvement Scholarship $25,000 December 01, 2015
PIRG Fellowship $24,500 Varies
Arcadia University Distinguished Scholarship $23,000 Varies
CLU Guarantee Scholarship $22,605 Varies
Trustee Scholarship - Cornell College $21,000 Varies